Cuba From A Different Angle:
As a historian, I am drawn to the sedimentary quality of private lives, public spaces, and political and cultural institutions. The collection of photographs, taken while at work on a biography of the young Fidel Castro, represents my attempt to capture the geological layers of Cuba’s built environment, while conveying the dynamism and exuberance of its social life.

Photo Exhibit CUBA DIVERSIDAD–Bunker Hill Community College, February 14-April 4, 2016

Photo Exhibit CUBISMO–Max Hansen Carversville Grocery, January 2016, Interview:

Cityscapes: Havana May 2014

Táco: you only get one strike

Exhibit Photographs © Jonathan M. Hansen 2016

Havana, summer 2013 © Jonathan M. Hansen 2014

Young Castro: Image Gallery

Around Trinidad © Jonathan M. Hansen 2014

Patterns © Jonathan M. Hansen 2014

National Pastime © Jonathan M. Hansen 2014