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In the works: Young Castro

Most Americans assume that Fidel Castro burst fully formed onto the historical stage in January 1959 with the triumph of the Cuban Revolution: communist at conception, anti-American in utero, bilious at birth.

The truth is more ambiguous and more revealing. History is full of misfits (Hitler comes to mind) and criminals (Stalin) who became tyrants. The young Castro was neither. Amiable, athletic, and intellectually gifted, Castro grew up in a wealthy and doting family during a period of great political unrest, a product of personal gifts and foibles, surely, but of local, national, and global forces besides.

It is grandiose to say that the United States made Castro. But there is no denying that U.S. policies helped propel him toward the Soviet Union at a critical moment in the Revolution, making one wonder how things might have been different, and what his story holds for U.S. foreign policy today.


In Huffpost: Yet More Republican Obfuscation on Guantánamo

In recent days, Republican politicians running for reelection have once again turned to stoking public fears about the President’s plan to close the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Early last week, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayottte proposed legislation that would make it harder than it already is for the administration to reduce the current prison population.

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Photo Exhibit CUBA DIVERSIDAD–Bunker Hill Community College, February 14-April 4, 2016


Photo Exhibit CUBISMO–Max Hansen Carversville Grocery, January 2016, Interview: http://maxhansenkitchen.com/blog/cubismo-an-interview-with-photographer-and-historian-jonathan-hansen/


Táco: you only get one strike


Harvard Law School Guantánamo Series

The HLS American Civil Liberties Union and Milbank Tweed present ENDURING GUANTANAMO, an ACLU speakers series on the past, present and future of the Guantánamo Bay detention camp.

Part I: Remembering Guantanamo

April 1st, 12pm, Pound 101

Jonathan Hansen, Harvard historian and author of Guantanamo: An American History

Sabin Willet, HLS alum, Partner at Bingham McCutchen, and pro bono counsel for seven Uighur detainees in Guantanamo